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Hello, I’m Collen McCarthy. I lived in London all my life and studied hotel management. The city of London is quite big on hotels and accommodations. About thirty million people visit London every year for several occasions.

So, with each passing year, hotels and restaurants are opening, developing their business. But some of the hotels I mentioned here have been established from the eighteen hundred. Generations run them.

All these hotels hold on to their British heritage and try hard to get on the best list. As a management student, I looked up closely into the policies of these hotels. And they maintained those for a long time.

What’s more important is updating the facilities. They changed a lot over time. And the main thing that attracts people is updating while keeping its authenticity. And that is why I choose some of the hotels here.

Some have great views, some have great service qualities, and some are humble, like drinking a cup of tea at your grandmother’s. This is why choosing hotels of different types was significant to me. The hotels here have different styles, interiors and characters. Thus, each one is unique on its own.

Hotels and accommodations can be the highlight of your trip if the experience is good. So, try and choose the best one that suits you the most. I agree that some of the names I mentioned here are too expensive, but you need to experience Luxury to enjoy London thoroughly.

Well, that’s just my opinion. London is at its prime with too many historical and commercial features, and tourists should look up to the best hotels here. And thus, they’ll experience Greater London.